Food delivery

“No elderly person should be like an ‘exile’ in our families. The elderly are a treasure for our society.” Pope Francis

What better way to treasure our elders than by ensuring they receive nutritious food regularly!

For many senior citizens who are living alone, cooking a meal for themself is a difficult task full of dangers. It takes not just physical strength but mental acuity to navigate one’s way through gas burners, sharp knives and hot oil. Oftentimes after a bout of ill health or after returning home from a hospital stay an elderly individual is unable to cook or manage rations.  

Acknowledging these facts we have introduced to our geriatric family the food delivery system.

Food delivery is a way to avoid in-house accidents while maintaining proper nutrition.

Once you subscribe to this service their nutritious and healthy daily meals are delivered at your doorstep.

You can avail our 3 meal food delivery service that will ensure that your breakfast, lunch and dinner reaches your home.

We understand geriatric dietary needs and deliver food for patients under a strict diet. You can provide us with the diet chart in advance and we shall maintain the same. We also request that you inform us if the patient concerned is allergic to any kind of food items.

The food is prepared under strict guidance and proper level of hygiene is maintained. Besides, we take extra precaution and use only high-quality ingredients into your meal.

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