Medical devices on rent

“Love, care and treasure the elderly people in the society” – Lailah Gifty Akita

With the course of time, we realised the need for constant care and medical supervision at the comfort of one’s home.

Almost 90% of senior citizens feel more comfortable in their own homes than in hospitals and nursing homes.

As an integral part of modern medical practices, early hospital discharge is a common phenomenon. It is crucial to ensure that the patient does not contract any further infection from the hospital itself and assisting in speedy & holistic recovery in the most welcoming atmosphere of one's own place.

Now, considering the lack of an intermediary system in Kolkata, healthcare agencies like Rising Care, are stepping up to such patients with all-round support. That being said, medical equipment is the backbone of support working hand-in-hand with human resources.

In many cases, doctors advise the regular use of medical equipment for elderly patients. Purchasing such equipment can get very expensive or if the usage is temporary then the cost is not justified.

Acknowledging this fact, Rising Care helps you with the arrangement and installation of the required medical equipment at your home to continue the treatment.

You can either rent or purchase as per your convenience.



You can rent devices like –

  1. Oxygen concentrator
  2. ICU set up
  3. Life-saving equipment
  4. BiPAP
  5. CPAP
  6. Wheelchair and more

Get in touch with Rising Care and we shall address your requirements in no time. We will deliver the equipment at the residence.

Rising Care will take care of the installation process and the arrangements as well. Besides, we will guide you through the usage process.

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