Nursing care at home

“To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honours” – Tia Walker


With building corporate pressure, it may be challenging for many to be present beside your aged parents at all times.

Hiring 12/24 hours at-home attendants or nurses will help you take care of your elderly loved ones and ensure your peace of mind.

Hiring a nurse will benefit in – 

  • Tracking health improvement
  • Care after hospital discharge
  • Bedsore dressing
  • Ryle’s tube feeding
  • BIPAP machine handling
  • Oxygen concentrator support
  • Facilitating online consultation through WhatsApp video calling
  • Proper medication handling
  • Communicating the patient’s condition with the treating doctors
  • Assisting them with daily chores such as bathing, toilet cleaning, clothing, eating, etc.
  •  Catering to outdoor activities, exercising and more.

Furthermore, they serve as a great companion helping your aged parents fight against depression and loneliness.


Our nurses or attendants hold years of experience and practice. Under a strict protocol, we house medically trained and licensed nurses only offering quality services.

The at-home nursing care will include assistance for daily chores (including bathing, eating, clothing and other daily activities) along with helping with regular exercise, proper medication and more.

We ensure safety and hygiene, driven by a robust protocol. We also conduct regular audits to ensure seamless continuity of care. Do not worry, your aged parents are in safe hands!

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