Are your Parents the Victim of Elderly abuse?

Irrespective of age, religion, gender, race or cultural background, cruelty or mistreatment can happen to anyone. With age, senior people become more sick and unstable physically and mentally. So, they become helpless to resist when they are attacked by other people. Elder abuse statistics are prevalent in recent days. Every year thousands of adults over 60 years-aged are ill-treated, abandoned, or financially exploited in different places including their homes, relative’s places, social gatherings, or a nursing home.
Children should take responsibility for caring for their aging parents. But most of the time, young family members migrate to another place for professional purposes leaving their parents alone at the home with too little funds to hire outside care. In some cases, domestic violence reaches to a level but, by a feeling of parental love coupled with dishonor and guilt, aged members stop seeking outside help for their protection. So, it is not possible to know actually how many elders are being victimized every day. Even physical disabilities and lack of cognitive ability keep maximum cases unpublished.

Abusing elders can come in different forms, from negligence to financial fraud and threats. The most common types are:

1. Physical abuse
It is to use any physical force that causes injury, pain, bruising and other harm by hitting, striking, pushing, shaking, pinching, kicking, slapping, burning, and beating. Inappropriate use of medicines, force-feeding, and confinement are also treated as physical abuse.

2. Emotional abuse
Using cruel words, howling, and constantly ignoring the senior result in psychological distress. Sometimes, older persons are restricted to visit their close friends and family members. Verbal assaults, intimidation, humiliation, threats, insults, isolation, and harassment are some types of psychological abuse.

3. Negligence
Intentional negligence belongs to this category. Caregivers do not fulfill their responsibilities, give elders unnecessary mental and physical stress, and do not provide needed care to seniors. Dependent seniors need food, clean water, protection, personal hygiene, shelter, clothing, medicine, and basic comfort. Ignorance or denial of senior needs leads to emotional abuse also.

4. Financial exploitation
A fake signature, stealing or misusing money or belongings, forcing or misleading an aged person to sign any deed, and offensive use of guardianship, etc are some common forms of financial exploitation. Financial abuse is becoming a prevalent and dangerous issue day by day.

Some significant signs of elderly abuse:

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