Do Nail Changes Signify Any Disease?

Changes in the nails often give a clue into the health of a person. Certain dermatological conditions can be indicated through difference in colour, texture, brittleness of the nail. As one ages, one should pay careful attention to one’s nails, not only because they may indicate dermatological diseases but also because healthy nails are a sign of good health.  A home attendant for elderly can help you in this regard. So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the nail changes and the diseases they indicate.

Nail Changes and the Diseases They Indicate

Here is a small collection of diseases that are caused due to nail changes. Take a look at them and get in touch with a qualified dermatologist to understand the treatment for the condition. Let’s start.

If your nail shows a new dark streak, it could be a sign to consult with a dermatologist for skin cancer. The dark streak could be melanoma, the worst kind of skin cancer. However, it may not be skin cancer and could be just a streak. Hence, checking it out with a qualified doctor can certainly be helpful.

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This is known as nail lifting up, so that it is not completely attached. Moreover, the condition is also indicated by white discoloration. The cause for this could be a fungal infection or psoriasis. You will require treatment for this condition as prescribed by a dermatologist.

This condition occurs when the skin around the nail becomes red and swells up. This infection can be treated with antibiotics and soaks, however, if an open wound is formed, then the treatment may be more extensive.

If you have pitting on your nails, which look like pits made from an icepick, it could indicate diseases like psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and Alopecia areata. Consult with a dermatologist for the same.

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Smoking can turn your nails yellow. Furthermore, if your nails turn yellow, thick and stop growing, it could be an indication of something serious going on inside your body like lung infections and rheumatoid arthritis.

Having curved nails can be an indication that you have a disease in the lungs, heart, liver, stomach, or intestine. However, it can also be harmless and something that runs in the family.


As a geriatric person, ask your home attendant for elderly to examine your nails properly. They can inform you of any changes or problems that can be addressed immediately. Usually being put in touch with a dermatologist can help you identify what’s wrong with your internal body condition. Moreover, take care of your nails by cleaning them regularly.