How Are The Elderly Coping Up With ‘Forced’ New Normal?

The octogenarians and septuagenarians have been the most vulnerable during the pandemic. With pre-existing diseases and comorbidities and limited medical help, catering to immediate medical requirements was the biggest challenge. Also, the fear of being infected, isolated or losing a loved one has impacted the mental well-being of older adults.  Before the pandemic, people usually acted neighbourly if someone took ill, however, this completely changed with the advent of the coronavirus. 

Social distancing became the necessity of the hour and snatched away the independence of the senior citizens, making it difficult for them to cope up with the forced ‘new normal’. This blog aims to discuss the difficulties the senior citizens faced and how they can manage to adapt themselves to the immediate changes due to the pandemic. 

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What difficulties are older adults facing during the pandemic?
The pandemic has been quite harsh on all of us, especially on older adults. Social distancing and lockdown has led to physical and mental difficulties in the elderly. Here is how the geriatrics have been affected – 

How can the older adults hold themselves during the pandemic?
The coronavirus and its adversities has become a constant fear, especially for the elderly. In such a scenario, it is important to stay in constant touch with the near and dear ones to deal with the feelings of loneliness and anxiety. Since we are gradually approaching a 3rd wave of the pandemic, it is important to take special care of the immune system and avoid cold and fever. A warm bath, steam, gargling and avoiding everything that can lead to a flue or common cold is advisable. 

Additionally, staying away from the street and junk food is beneficial for the stomach. 

For mental peace, stay away from fake news. It is important to be informed but do not believe in hearsay. Follow only authentic and genuine news sources to confirm the authenticity of the information. Fake news can only trigger anxiety and panic within the elderly. Those with comorbidities or pre-existing conditions can opt for nursing care at home for elderly to achieve special care. For those living alone and far away from their family, consider staying in constant touch with your doctor to seek medical help whenever necessary. Also keep medicines, groceries and other essentials available at all times. 

A light, healthy and immune-booster diet along with exercises can help in keeping physically and mentally fit. Also, involving in activities can prove beneficial for the older adults in such situations as it will keep them distracted from the storm outside. One can also get in touch with geriatric care service providers to avail services that can help with regular chores and health monitoring. 

If stepping outdoors, proper precautions must be taken. One should continue to wear a mask, keep extra masks along, use sanitizers, avoid touching the face, maintain social distancing, avoid crowded places, stay hydrated and people sneezing or coughing. Avoid outdoor activities as much as possible. One can get in touch with geriatric care service providers for additional help during such catastrophic situations. 

How are these agencies helping? 

The senior care service providers have gone out of their way to comfort the octogenarians and septuagenarians amidst the pandemic. Offering curated services regardless of the restrictions has helped the elderly feel cared and loved. 

Agencies like Rising Care have been quite active during the lockdown period and have helped older adults with medicine and grocery deliveries. They have even assisted the ones infected by delivering meal kits regularly. Also, they have been helping with vaccination assistance and emergency care for the seniors.
Rising Care extends their helping hands by offering affordable home care packages in Kolkata to help the ones living all by themselves and has their children settled far away. Such packages prove to be a blessing in dealing with emergency conditions, in a scenario where medical help was limited. 

The healthcare industry has been struggling to provide proper care to the ones infected. Amidst these times, visiting a doctor’s chamber for treatment or consultation became a risk better to avoid. To deal with such difficulties, geriatric care service providers offered online doctor consultations that helped the seniors continue their treatment and consultations at the comfort and safety of their homes. 
With such help in hand, the situation became quite under control, making it comfortable for the seniors to adapt themselves to the forced ‘new normal’. 

Nevertheless, the storm is yet to pass and proper precautions should be taken to combat the approaching 3rd wave. One can become a member of Rising Care today at a nominal cost of Rs. 1749 to avail 24X7 care to battle any health concerns and difficulties that may come their way during these turbulent times.