How Telemedicine can be used for geriatric care?

When you think of modern technology – the first thing that breezes through your mind are smartphone and internet connectivity. Now, the credibility behind such inventions is no doubt commendable, but the short-sighted thinking doesn’t escape the horizon of your personal items. One such creation of digital technology is telemedicine. With this technology, elderly patients can hold online consultation with senior doctors from the comfort of their homes at affordable pricing. 

The number of senior citizens in India is on the rise, thanks to advanced medical care and greater life expectancy. Estimates state that the figure will touch new heights in the next decade. With more and more senior citizens requiring geriatric care, finding the best healthcare facility for the elderly can be challenging. And, this is where senior healthcare agencies like Rising Care are standing out of the crowd. 

As more and more families are getting confined within the premises of their home and considering the alarming situation worldwide – telemedicine is a blessing in disguise. Through telehealth facilities, online consultation with senior doctors has become a hassle-free affair and geriatric patients are benefiting immensely from this process. 

Need for affordable care for the elderly 

Aged patients demand more complex healthcare needs to mitigate their varying range of diseases and health conditions. Despite appointing 24/7 nursing attendees at home and providing them with intellectual companionship, these homebound geriatrics patients face severe crises in visiting a healthcare centre. 

This calls for telemedicine facilities that would cater to day-to-day and emergency issues, providing instant treatment. Through telehealth facilities, you can schedule doctor visits at home and benefit from emergency health problem management like ambulance service, setting up of ICU at home, supply of life-saving medicines at doorstep and many more. 

Improved access to geriatric care 

Through telemedicine options (like virtual mentors, online consultation with senior doctors, etc.) patients are benefitted from –

  1. Reduces the cost of travel expenses and the burden to a bare minimum
  2. Minimises the need to make unnecessary visits to hospitals and other healthcare facilities 
  3. Reduces the stress of at-home caregivers like nurses/ayah attendees 
  4. Enhances the overall patient-doctor satisfaction ratio 

All of this consultation and prescription is conducted via video or audio call and through a telemedicine application. 

Telemedicine offers versatility in geriatric care 

Leading senior citizen healthcare agencies like Rising Care provide at-home caregivers to help you with telehealth facilities. Although, simultaneous in-person visits are still a strong yes, telemedicine eases the process up! 

Telemedicine provides helpful for the following conditions –

Under such challenging situations, telemedicine is bridging the gap between geriatrics patients and healthcare professionals. The facility for online consultation with senior doctors minimises the requirement for in-person appointments, significantly lowers the cost of medical expense and completely eliminates costly visits to hospitals and private chambers. 

How is Rising Care helping? 

We take a step ahead in assisting the convalescing aged-patients and offer online doctor consultation to cater to the treatment necessities at the confinement of their homes. 

To take our telemedicine to the next level and facilitate the process our medically trained care managers will be - 

You can get in touch with your physician online on prior appointment. Get in touch with Rising Care and we shall help you out with the entire process starting from prior appointment to connecting with the doctor online for consultation. 

Also, in case of emergencies we offer emergency consultation depending on the intensity of the situation. 

That is all you need to know as of now. Hope this information could be of use to you!