How to Cope Up with the Harsh Winters with Physiotherapy at Home Services?

While we might love the idea of curling up on bed under a blanket and enjoying the winters with a mug of coffee and a book, the same may not support the health of the older adults. 

Staying fit and active is vital to battle the winter woes. Physiotherapy at home services can work wonders for the elderly to fight the joint pains and immobility and shield the body from yearning a winter hibernation. 

Why physiotherapy?

This question may be hovering your mind and we are here to break it down for you. The benefits of physiotherapy are endless, that unfolds completely during the winters. 

Physiotherapy helps to – 

  1. Increase the level of fitness 
  2. Enhances mobility 
  3. Lifts-up mood 
  4. Lowers muscle strains 
  5. Reduces back issues 
  6. Enhances postural habits 
  7. Strengthens cardiovascular activities 

A brisk walk or running can also offer the above-mentioned benefits. However, walking, running or exercising may not please the current health condition of the elderly. 

Keeping in mind the sudden change in the weather and body temperature, keeping the body warm externally and internally is of prime importance. If not senior exercise, physiotherapy can help in regulating body temperature internally.  

But while your aged parents exercise in winters to keep themselves fit and active, certain considerations must be kept in mind – 

  1. Dressing in layers

Even though your aged parents will not be involved in tremendous running or extensive outdoor exercises, consider dressing them up in layers as and when they are stepping outdoors for a brisk walk. 

Alternatively, if your aged parents are sacrificing their blankets to practice some indoor exercise recommended by the physiotherapists, make sure they are dressed enough to keep them warm. Keep in mind that their immune system is not strong as yours and a light breeze may be enough for them to catch a cold. 

  1. Staying hydrated 

No matter how old you are, you are going to sweat during exercises. Now, it is difficult to gauge how much water is being excreted from your body along with toxins. To maintain a healthy balance, consider keeping you aged parents hydrated. Besides, winters are known to dehydrate the body owing to lack of adequate water intake. Besides, the lack of water leads to inadequate urination, which invites a different set of maladies. Along with water, incorporate health drinks and other necessary liquid that will boost immunity and keep your aged parents warm from within during the winters. 

  1. Never skip nutritious meals 

Keeping the nutrition on the check is important to beat the winters. It not only keeps you healthy but also boosts the immune system and supports senior daily activities. Also, it supports the physiotherapy sessions, helping boost bone health and strength. 

Nevertheless, remember to consult the physiotherapists to confirm if your aged parents are allowed to intake any food items right before or after the physiotherapy session.  

Ailments caused in colder months 

With the drop in outside temperature senior citizens open face some of the chronic ailment symptoms. Those include:

Although all of these ailments are treated by regular medications, physiotherapy at home also has a crucial part to play. 

How can physiotherapy help? 

A physiotherapy is a two-way approach. While most people confuse it to be an alternative healing region like chiropractic therapy it is not as simple as a massaging technique either! It involves the methodical implementation of physical movements and therapeutic exercises to increase your strength and eliminate restricted mobility that geriatric patients suffer in the colder months. While on the outside it helps in promoting insurance, gaining a proper posture and mobilization it also strengthens your inner sanctum by boosting the limbic system. 

While doctors prescribe exercises the actual therapy takes a long time and needs to be methodically approached to see a positive effect down the line. This is what a professional physiotherapist at home aims to achieve. Some of the leading healthcare facilities for senior citizens in Kolkata such as Rising Care provides physiotherapists to visit at your place on a routine schedule and help you to undertake these exercises in a systematic manner. 

As per research go older women at the most sufferers from osteoporosis. This when combined with the fall of the barometric pressure in the winters immobility strikes at a significant level. But with proper medication and routine physiotherapy sessions, they have reported a significant improvement in the quality of life over a matter of weeks. 

Even for symptoms other than osteoporosis and the ones mentioned above, professional physiotherapy can work wonders! Some of the exercises are:

It is also recommended that you do not stop or reduce your exercise regime all of a sudden as this could worsen the situation and get in the way of your healing. 

Final words 

With old age and especially in the winters comes a range of health disorders that can wreak havoc on the elderly persons. Physiotherapy at home can help in minimising the immobility and promote stamina, overall well being and health. 

Leading senior healthcare facilities like Rising Care offer both individual and group physiotherapy to not only elevate the health of the elderly patients but enhance the social environment for the septuagenarians & octogenarians as