Make a balance between job and Elder Care

Taking proper care of elders is our responsibility as with age, they become weak and immobile. But it is the toughest challenge to most of the families that how to balance work and care of elders. To support the family economy and to live a better life, both the husband and wife work in a nuclear family. When both of them are busy with their work how they do the proper care of their elderly parents? So, caregiving services have become an indispensable factor in lives for millions of families across the globe. This service helps families to balance jobs and elder care in the right manner.

Take a glimpse of why senior care services are so significant:


You have a huge workload in your workplace as well as you have old members in your family. To visit physicians in frequently or to arrange their monthly medicines, elder care services are a great solution.
Rising Care is a leading senior care service where you avail the following favors:

Doctors at doorsteps

No matter how sick or weak the elders are, you are tension-free when you are with this organization. Whether it is an emergency or a regular health checkup, certified doctors will come to visit patients at their doorstep. Doctors are specialized in aging and geriatric issues. Not only doctors treat physical sicknesses but they stay concerned to improve the mental and cognitive health of elderly patients.

Emergency medical services at your place

Only those who have gone through this tough situation can understand how important this service is in crisis. It can be the need for an ambulance urgently or to set up an ICU unit at home. When you are outside the state and there is an instant need for an ambulance to carry the old patient to the hospital, the organization comes with the fastest solution that the patient gets immediate health support to recover. In case of setting an emergency ICU unit, this Kolkata-based service provider has the most advanced infrastructure to deal with any situation.

Life-saving medical equipment at home

In many cases, stroke patients or disabled seniors need the support of medical equipment such as a wheelchair, oxygen cylinder, ventilator, motorized bed, and other essential medical devices. The mentioned association has the best support of all these.

Miscellaneous support

It provides expert nursing care, physiotherapy, monthly medicine supply, and other home assistance as a part of elderly care services.
Rising Care is one of the best home care services in Kolkata, ready to support you anytime to ease elderly care issues at your home.
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