Novel Coronavirus (COVID – 19): Spread awareness – Take proper elder care and keep your loved ones safe

With a wave of panic washing the peace away from the shore of everybody's life, Coronavirus is a much-affected disease. Novel Coronavirus (COVID – 19), is seen to affect the senior citizens on a large scale globally. 

Spread from China with death of 3,292, USA stands the most-affected location with cases summing up to 85,612 and deaths of 1,301. Italy tops the number of deaths with a total of 8,215 and counting, India lags no behind. India too gets trapped in the grasp of coronavirus with 26 new cases added to the 753 cases already found along with 20 deaths as of 27.03.2020, 07:42 GMT. 

Senior citizens are being affected the most with this disease resulting in death. Recent news states – 

With such news, inevitably the responsibility gets passed on to you to take proper care of your aged parents and help them be free from Novel Coronavirus (COVID – 19). Given below are some of the key factors that you should keep in mind while planning for preventive measures to take proper elder care

How can senior citizens get infected with Novel Coronavirus (COVID – 19)? 

Coronavirus is known to be a highly contagious disease and can be easily spread by – 

You give entry to the virus while you touch your face with infected hands.

What are the possible symptoms for Novel Coronavirus (COVID – 19)? 

Coronavirus starts as normal flu with symptoms of – 

Gradually the patients suffer from acute respiratory problems confirming the presence of coronavirus.  

What are the preventive measures you can take to protect? 

The primary coronavirus prevention for elderly may include – 

In addition, in case one is found affected, it is best to get them checked and quarantined to avoid the spread of the disease. Also, an infected patient is recommended to wear a mask to prevent spreading.

Summing it up – Some Do’s and Don’ts for Novel Coronavirus (COVID – 19) 





Maintain proper hygiene 

Avoid gatherings 


Maintain a distance of 3 feet from others to prevent transmission  

Avoid travelling to locations with several cases of coronavirus 


Cover your mouth while coughing and sneezing 

Avoid being in close contact with the ones infected


Use mask while stepping out

Prevent from consuming uncooked or raw meat 


Immediate help should be taken if any symptoms are witnessed

Stay away from people coughing, sneezing or having any terminal illness


Sanitize or wash your hands frequently

Prevent meddling with animals as they can also be the carrier of this virus 


Practice social isolation  

Avoid touching your face with unclean hands

Following the above Do’s and Don’ts to keep yourself and your aged parents safe from this wave of coronavirus. Take proper elder care and maintain a proper diet and hydration. Also, make sure that your aged parents do not suffer from cough and cold and perhaps if they do, take medical help immediately.