Social interaction is the way to Healthy living for Seniors

You become slow and weak with age. These are the basic features of old age. But it does not mean that you stop movement and spend the whole day watching television programs. Rather you will be healthy when you stay active. So, keep yourself engaged in light and encouraging activities. Old age is quite a significant period of life when you must concentrate on your happiness and health. And you can achieve these with social interaction and social activities.

Here is a list of great activities you can do even in your old age:
Celebrating their birthdays or wedding anniversaries you can make every day a grandparent’s day. With time, some of the elders even forget their special days such as birthdays or wedding days. As a grandchild, note down their special occasional days and try to surprise them on those events. It will bring true happiness and excitement and also, it will show how loved they are to the family members. They are our assets. Their blessings encourage us to overcome daily difficulties. Remember the day when you used to listen to stories sitting on the lap of your grandmother. Memorize the moment how she kept her warm hands onto your head when you were in troubles. None but your grandparents stay beside you throughout the time. Now it’s your time. Their contribution is immeasurable and you cannot return it by any mean but you can bring a truly priceless smile on their face.

Social work
At any stage of life, being social is very important to increase wellness. We should be connected with our friends and family who are close to us and whom we can share our feelings and interests. It is no exception in senior people. Rather senior people need more interaction socially to improve their health and wellness. Study shows that elder people who live an isolated life are more likely to experience premature death than elders who are well-interacted socially.

Present yourself for volunteering activities
It is a great time to serve you as a volunteer. If you are fit, get out of your home and involve in some social activities to help others. You can use your talent like sewing, crafting, and painting by teaching others or by making clothes for homeless or orphan children in your area.

Free education
You can spread your knowledge by presenting a free coaching service. Return to your teenage with those naughty children who are poor and are not able to afford tutorial costs. At least one or two days in a week you will get abundant joy and satisfaction by teaching those deprived kids.

Make a group and practice exercise regularly. Exercising is something that keeps your brain stimulated and makes your body fit and flexible. You don’t need to do strenuous exercise but, a light evening walk, yoga practices, some meditation practices will increase your life span, mobility, and overall happiness.
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