Which Exercise Burns How Many Calories?

Exercise and being physically active can help your brain activity, manage weight, and reduce the risk of disease. That’s why even in your old age you should exercise and stay physically active. However, one of the most important questions you should ask before you start any exercise regimen is the number of calories it burns.

In this blog, we will take a look at the number of calories some common exercises burn. That will help you understand which exercises you should opt for as an elderly person.

Moreover, if you are coming out of post-hospitalization care you should opt for low-impact exercises.

5 Common Exercises and the Calories They Burn for Seniors

Opt for these low-impact exercises and choose to get in shape.

Typically, you burn around 100 calories per mile of walking at a moderate pace. The speed and distance you walk, including your weight, are some of the determining factors of how much weight you can lose. Walking even for 30 minutes a day is good enough to get in shape. Moreover, keep in mind that as you grow older, poorer metabolism means you put on weight faster.

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Yoga can help you burn around 180-460 calories. The number of calories you lose depends on the type of yoga, the number of hours, gender, and the intensity of the class. According to Mayo Clinic, a 160-pound person will burn 183 calories in a basic yoga class. Yoga is a low-impact exercise which means it is safe for seniors to do.

Swimming burns around 250 calories in 30 minutes of swimming. This exercise is good for the heart and the whole body. The amount of weight you lose depends on the duration, intensity, stroke type, weight and swim efficiency. To lose weight more effectively, you need to get a proper diet prescribed for you.

If you opt for low-impact aerobic exercise you can burn around 455 calories per hour in a 200-pound person. Aerobics are especially fun to do with music on and in class.

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Half an hour of body weight exercises like push-ups and pull-ups burn 167 calories if you weigh 155 pounds and 200 calories if you weigh 185 pounds. Other bodyweight exercises include squats, seated leg extensions, step-ups, etc.


If you are a senior, you need to opt for low-impact exercises so that you do not break your bones. The exercises mentioned above are all low-impact exercises which means they do not affect your body badly. So, if you are coming out of post-hospitalization care you can opt for these exercises. It will help you to improve your mood and outcome.