Why Do We Need Regular Monitoring of Elderly People?

Remember the time your mother used to feed you, while you were lying down with fever. Those caring hands and a loving smile can never be forgotten.

With building pressure in our corporate life we sometimes fail to give our aged parents the care they rendered to us.

But do you think the excuse of a “busy corporate life” is justified? Would you feel happy if your children would do the same to you?

The answers to both the questions are obviously a big NO.

But if you actually look around, the situations stated above are nearly true. Senior citizens are quite neglected unknowingly and all they do is drop tears of sadness. They are left alone back home, lacking the required elderly care. On the contrary they are always proud of their child. They never express any defiencies of their children.

Although many take care in time of needs but with age regular monitoring holds high importance.

Contradictory to the above statement, many may believe that regular monitoring and care will make the senior citizens more dependent and disabled. However, medical health centres completely oppose such a believe. It is a myth that taking help from elder care organisation makes the senior citizens cripple. It has been experienced the opposite. Our parents feel safe and confident when they are supported by senior citizen caregiver organisations.

Here are some of the reasons you need regular monitoring of the elderly people –

1. Eliminates the Feeling of Loneliness – 

Restricted mobility is one of these greatest challenges faced by the senior citizens. With bones weakening over the years, even running errands to the washroom or the next room may require support. To deal with such conditions you can opt for wheelchairs, canes or walkers. Alternatively, you can also purchase walking sticks that would act as a support whenever your aged parents would like to walk. Nevertheless make sure that you monitor whenever the senior citizen is on his/her walking spree. In case the situation goes wrong you can always avail the emergency ambulance services Kolkata, West Bengal and cater to be necessities.

6 Reasons to Opt for Regular Monitoring of Elderly

6 Reasons to Opt for Regular Monitoring of Elderly

2. Boosts Confidence – 

Don't you feel all pumped up and energetic when your employer praises you for your improvement? The same goes for your aged parents. The more they hear that their health is doing well the more they feel motivated and happy. Regular monitoring helps keep your aged parents updated on their health and boosts their confidence. If you fail to monitor yourself you can opt for elderly care at home services.

3. Provides a Listener – 

With Rising Care you can give your parents a Companion and a Listener. With a companion, aged parents get someone to talk to and share their emotions and problems. Being able to share their feelings offers them a peace of mind and satisfaction.

6 Reasons to Opt for Regular Monitoring of Elderly

6 Reasons to Opt for Regular Monitoring of Elderly

4. Offers Security – 

Availing nursing care at home keeps unauthorised visitors away. This proves to be highly beneficial when your aged parents are living alone. It offers them security and a peace of mind.

5. Keeps Anxiety at Bay – 

Being able to share emotions, battle health issues, eliminate the feeling of loneliness and have a sense of security helps your aged parents to deal with anxiety. Plus, having someone visit regularly also helps keep anxiety at bay.

6 Reasons to Opt for Regular Monitoring of Elderly

6 Reasons to Opt for Regular Monitoring of Elderly

6. Prevents Health Deterioration – 

Regular monitoring helps in tracking down diseases prior to it reaching an alarming stage. This helps avoid deterioration of health, emergency situations and hospitalization.

Now that you know the importance of regular health monitoring we hope that you take the best decision. For professional elderly care you can reach out to Rising Care and give your parents a healthy smile.

Remember, a small step from your side can mean a lot to your aged parents.