Winter Care for Senior People

Winter is knocking the door. We, people, are planning for new winter wears, skin care lotions, picnics, and holiday trips. There is a touch of happiness everywhere in this season. We are going to welcome another year and the New Year celebration is a great joy to everyone from 8 to 80. Let’s promise to celebrate the festivity with the health and wellbeing of elders. Let’s take the challenge that this winter brings some extra happiness to the elders of our family. And it starts with the right care.

Some tips to look after elders in the winter:

1.Right winter wear for warmth
While young people bear the cold without difficulty, elders have a different story. They get cold easily. From the beginning, they need to wear the right winter wear when they go outside or at home. Keep them safe from hypothermia, a special condition where the body temperature starts falling. Warm socks, gloves, a scarf, and woolen garments warm up the body.

2.Footwear and socks all the time
To beat those coldest days of the season, warm socks are extremely good. When they go outside, help them wear warm socks and covered shoes. It should be a habit in winters even when they are at their homes. Warm feet keep the body warm. To get rid of the risks of falling the quality of shoes should be good.

3.Proper insulation at the home
Cool wind can be harmful to your loved one. Keep your home properly insulated that cold breeze cannot touch those aged members of your family. Heavy curtains, carpet, floor mat, etc will maintain the temperature of the room. In some cold places, a room heater is good to use but, with the supervision of a caregiver.

4.Encourage them to exercise for a while
Many senior members feel lonely and depressed during the season. As they spend most of the time in their homes, it brings monotony and emotional stresses. Exercising is the best way to stay active and it helps them to get rid of depression. So, encourage them to do some regular exercises like yoga. But always ask the physician first.

5. Colorful diet
We people love to spend time lazily in the winter. Our aged family members become more sluggish and lethargic this time. It disturbs their digestion system. Give them easily-digested foods. Fresh fruits, juices, vegetable stews, salads, etc will keep them energetic and fit. Help them get the right amount of vitamins and minerals from the colorful fruits and vegetables, available in the winter.

6. Diseases
Itchy skin, arthritic pain, stomach disorder, cough, flu, etc are very common in winter. Regular health check-up keeps them fit and away from diseases. If you are far from your family, appoint a professional that provides home care for senior citizens Kolkata for ensuring the right care and assistance for the aged people at your home.
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