Alert! A Sudden Change In Weather Can Affect Your Health

Although we may enjoy the cold breeze and the cosy atmosphere, sudden changes in weather can be quite harmful to our health, especially for the aged. Adept physicians claim that a sudden shift in the weather can trigger several illnesses. Besides, climate change is a significant factor that doctors consider when assessing certain conditions of the patients. 

A sudden alteration in the weather poses a challenge to our immune system and our musculoskeletal system. Sudden weather change comes as a shock to the human body which has been used to a certain climate all along and now has to try to adjust with the current. Though the younger individuals overcome the challenge with no or minimal health disorders, older adults often find it difficult to cope up and adjust to the changes. 

Taking proper precautionary measures, choosing elderly care services and home care services for the elderly can help you deal with the old age health issues induced by climate change. But to deal with the circumstances it is important that you are aware of the most common health issues that might arise. Lending the knowledge, given below are names of the diseases and health conditions that can be triggered by a sudden weather change 

As the weather starts to warm up, people tend to step outdoors more. But the sudden change in activity comes as a shock to the muscles and joints that have been hibernating throughout the cosy cold weather which can lead to injuries and discomfort, causing intense pain. The situation can be difficult to deal with for the elderly because they might already be suffering from age-induced restricted mobility and muscle and joint discomfort. 

Therefore, it is important for older adults to continue exercising throughout the year to keep their muscles and joints active. You can appoint nursing attendants to assist the elderly with regular chores and exercises. At home physiotherapists can be a great choice to deal with age-induced restricted mobility or injuries. You can also opt for outdoor work assistance to escort the elderly for outdoor errands. 

Rapid alteration of heating and cooling systems can dehumidify the air. As the weather shifts, the need for bringing up or down the temperature of the room to its optimum state increases. However, when stepping out of the room, the sudden modification in the temperature comes as a shock to the body, leading to chronic sinus and throat issues. 

Also, dehumidified air increases the presence of pollens, mildew, dust particles and moulds. These also trigger chronic sinus and throat issues and hence it is important to change air heating or cooling filters quite frequently, preferably every six months. 

Our body takes time to adjust to the shifting weather. However, we fail to realise the need for the body and tend to change our clothing system as the months change. This way we either have too many layers of clothes or have too few. This increases the chances of upper respiratory tract illnesses as the temperature keeps fluctuating quite rapidly. 

Especially for older adults, as their immune system fails to give a strong blow to the rapid changes in weather, it is important to dress them up according to the climate and their body needs. In case you notice any changes in health or symptoms of illness, seek medical help immediately. 

Geriatric care service providers like Rising Care offer online doctor consultation or teleconsultation with adept physicians to address the health issues of the elderly. You can also become a member of Rising Care to seek assistance as and when required. 

Changes in the climate pose a great challenge to those already suffering from bronchitis or have chances of getting seasonal Asthma. People who are more inclined towards such conditions should use inhalers as required and other medications to reduce the complications and adversities of the situation. You can also seek doctor consultation if the symptoms seem to worsen. 

Cold and flu outbreaks are quite common during climate change. Be it a shift from the summers to winters or vice-versa, the elderly often tend to catch colds and fever quite easily. Hence, it is important to take utmost care when the weather shifts to make their body capable of fighting the circumstances. In view of the current scenario, it is important to opt for diagnosis at home for elderly to detect if it is seasonal flu, common cold or Covid-19. 

As the climate changes, the environment also undergoes a shift. Several plants start to release pollen in the air, and the air itself also starts to trap dust particles, moisture and allergens. These elements can trigger infection and allergies, especially for the elderly. In such scenarios, the patient tends to be suffering from respiratory tract issues, cold, sinus, and symptoms may include breathlessness or difficulty in breathing, fever, coughing, sneezing, headache and more. 

In addition to the above, headache, migraines, aches and pains, skin conditions, and mood swings are quite common with the changes in weather. It is important to be beside the elderly and take care. Understanding their body needs is crucial. Thus, keep communicating and also stay in touch with a physician to seek medical advice as required.