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India is suffering from a massive 2nd wave of Covid-19, and we can see a whopping increase in the number of Covid-19 cases. People affected are losing their strength, will and power to carry on with their treatment and address their regular requirements at the same time. Keeping in mind the severity of these turbulent times we have come together to help the patients battling with the virus save their lives.

In these hours of crises, we acknowledge that food, doctor consultation and nursing are of paramount importance for the people. This is why our team has come forward to help the ones in need with Doctor Consultation, Meal Kit delivery and Covid nursing. Keeping the financial factor in mind, our package starts as low as Rs. 1000/- per day.

We assure you dedicated, empathetic and compassionate caregivers so that the elderly can beat the tough times without any fear and suffering. While your body is dealing with the virus and struggling to drive it away, Rising Care vouches to take care of the rest.


8000/- per day
  • Doctor Consultaion
  • Meal Kit Delivery
  • Covid Nursing


7000/- per day
  • Doctor Consultaion
  • Covid Nursing


1000/- per day
  • Meal Kit Delivery


6000/- per day
  • Covid Nursing

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Daily Pay Medical & Non-medical Services

Being one of the leading geriatric care platforms, we acknowledge the need for good quality of life, care and love. This paved the way for us to offer a plethora of services keeping in mind the daily requirements of our clients. 

Our Care Plans

We provide an exhaustive range of care services with which we aim to change the lives of our senior citizens for the better. Explore our unique care plans offered within your budget. 

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